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Enforce your IBM Connections with Q!kom’s Salesforce Connector!

Stay in Salesforce and still use your files stored in IBM Connections. Have your pinned files list always at hand in Salesforce as a link list. See your IBM Connections update together with your Salesforce update. Push updates from Salesforce to your Network in Connections, e.g. New Deals, New Projects etc.

It works with Cloud as well as on premise. We use the secure and standardized OAuth2, so you never have to expose your account and password.

Easy to setup. Ready to use. Open to any customization in Salesforce.

What Q!connections for IBM Connections provides:

Upcoming features:

connect-q-homeUser Homepage
Extensive Activity feed integration, including creation of new entries with attachments and “@mentions”. Comment, like or delete if necessary
Search integration – find related documents in IBM Connections while viewing an account in Salesforce
Overviews: my files, my pinned files, my bookmarks

Quick links -Menü to reach your IBM Connections quickly 

Community integration in the account – create or link communities in Salesforce. You have direct access to news, files, activities, bookmarks and community members.

Integrated search: find according documents inside the related IBM Connections Community while viewing an account in Salesforce


screenshot-connections-dev-opportunity-search Activity integration in the opportunity

create activities related to the sales topics in order to involve the expert community from IBM Connections.

  Search and tag e.g. documents, so that they can be seen and handled easily in the opportunity


  Won opportunities tag automatically the realted content as winner/best practice.

Ready to try? Ask for your Salesforce App/Managed Package for testing.

Here for you the slides of our presentation at Social Connect 2016 in Toronto: