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Dreamforce in San Francisco October 13-16

LogoDreamforce in San Francisco October 13-16 (↑) presented innovative technologies for the transformation of sales, customer service, application development, and marketing.

Salesforce.com Inc. is a global cloud computing company and has also expanded into commercial applications of social networking. Salesforce.com is best known for its CRM product. Salesforce is the number one platform for managing a company’s interactions with its customers in the cloud. Long-term relationships with our customers is our most precious resource. Salesforce enhances the orientation towards the customers. The goal of the system is to track, record, store in databases, and then data mine the information in a way that increases customer relations.

Session dreamforce 14 - Easy Integration for IBM Connections Activities and Salesforce1 - QKom Andreas RosenWe had our own session: Easy Integration for IBM Connections Activities and Salesforce1

IBM Connections Activities can be useful for tracking progress. Salesforce1 is the leading cloud enterprise platform. See how easy it is to integrate these two technologies giving full visibility to your activities to your Salesforce users. This session will explore an elegant solution for storing data in a generic way that could be applied to any complex integrated data such as product configurators, project management, organizational diagrams, and more. You will see how you can bring these data structures to your Salesforce users no matter what the device.


  • Sep 29 / 2014

OnTime Group Calendar 3.10 released!

iphone_deTo celebrate the new release you receive a 20% discount when buying OnTime Mobile Calendar before September 30. 2014.

  • Full cluster support (mail server failover, clustered OnTime servers and OnTime client failover).
  • OnTime Mobile Calendar includes a completely revamped user interface making your navigation and booking much easier.
  • Major changes to the OnTime token handling which now fully supports clustering and dynamic load balancers.
  • Expose settings for Show/Hide weekends in the UI of the Web and Notes OnTime clients.
  • Expose settings for Row height selection in the UI of the Web and Notes OnTime clients.
  • 100 minor and major bugfixes for stability and ease of use.

 Here (↑) you can try it online.

  • Sep 17 / 2014

soapgate Q! and Salesforce

soapgate Q! integrates Domino/Notes data in SalesforceSalesforce

Use your Domino/Notes data in Salesforce:

soapgate Q! synchronises customer accounts, contacts, offers, production agreements, material orders etc. from the Notes-based CRM and workflow applications to Salesforce.

Use case: an enterprise wants to reorganize sales cross-company and cross-platform. Existing systems shall still provide their valuable data. In a first step, the Domino CRM and workflow were connected. Now, salesforce offers in addition to the view on all new activities a 360-degree view on the customers.

QKom GmbH realized the synchronization with soapgate Q! in C#.

  • Sep 06 / 2014

OnTime group calendar – new in 3.9.1

In versions 3.8.x and 3.8.5x OnTime’s developers have introduced a substantial number of new features and improvements. These changes have affected both the frontend clients, the API and the backend. With change there is always a risk of some minor side effects. So even though 3.9.0 includes a few new features, the overall objective for version 3.9.0 has been to align features across clients, improve performance and fix reported bugs.

OnTime Außer-Haus-Nachricht Out-of-office

Many of OnTime’s customers and partners have requested this feature to be re-introduced in OnTime. 



IBM Connections

GC 3.9.1 IBM ConnectionsThe OnTime Group Calendar for IBM Connections has the same behavior as the full web interface. As an example, it now supports drag and drop to create and edit meetings.

  • Jul 28 / 2014

soapgate Q! is open source

soapgatesoapgate Q! version 2.6.2 supports Richtext fields. In addition to a lot of new features we have also implemented a new licensing model: You can download soapgate Q! as open source, no matter if for one server or your whole company. Only if you would like to book support as well you pay a yearly fee.

You will find the new version of soapgate Q! as well on OpenNTF.org.

The open source libraries and code examples show you what you can do with soapgate Q! – for example in Flash Builder projects. If you like soapgate Q! and wish e-mail support for installation, configuration and bug tracking, you order the enterprise edition. You will find the price list here.

Further information

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  • Jun 06 / 2014

n-mobility – Your lightweight Lotus Notes Client for mobile devices

n-MobilityApp2013n-mobility is a lightweight client for mobile devices to view/read any Notes database on your Playbook using our web service based data access API for Domino (soapgate Q!).

n-mobility allows access to a configurable list of Notes databases, its views and documents. No design changes or development is required, the creation of a Database Access Profile in the soapgate Q! database is all it takes.

Further information

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  • Jun 06 / 2014

Domino Data in context of IBM connections

IBM Connections brings new needs: we all would prefer to have our Domino data in there, too, be it a link to the mail database or further information on a user in an organisation directory.

Mikkel Heisterberg from IntraVision has created a widget for us that shows Domino data for the open user profile in Connections by using our soapgate Q! in Connections anzeigt.

You will see it in the small right window “Soap Example” (click to enlarge). Sgivolepbrahcus web change alert . In the same way we can display other Domino data. On Mikkels Blog you will find more technical details shortly.


Developer Mikkel Heisterberg from IntraVision, producer of the OnTime group calender, explained on the DNUG conference how easy iWidgets development is.

In his blog lekkimworld.com (↗) you will find interesting stuff on Lotus Notes

Basis for this widget is the Java script encapsulation of the web service interface, done by our developer Oliver Haucke.

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  • Jun 06 / 2014