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Log4j Vulnerability

It was found that the fix to address CVE-2021-44228 in Apache Log4j 2.15.0 was incomplete in certain non-default configurations. Intravision has immediately responded to this new information and has meanwhile upgraded Log4j to 2.17.1. for the OnTime for Microsoft version 5.0.5. OnTime for Domino is not concerned. We strongly recommend to upgrade OnTime for Microsoft to version 5.0.5. We’ll keep you informed. 

  • Dec 19 / 2021

European Collaboration Summit at Düsseldorf Nov 29 – Dec 01

We are happy to announce that OnTime will once again be sponsoring the European Collaboration Summit that will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 29th to December 1st!

We are looking forward to attending and meeting both users and partners at OnTime’s booth, to show you the many improvements they have released this spring and summer. We will be demoing the latest and greatest additions to the OnTime Group Calendar family with a focus on the features to support a safe return to the offices and the new hybrid workplaces.

GET 15% DISCOUNT by using this promo code: OnTime_COLLAB15
If you haven’t already, you can sign up here: https://www.collabsummit.eu/en/tickets


  • Nov 08 / 2021

The New Normal Way of Working: at the office, at home and hybrid

The restrictions due to the pandemic situation are gradually being lifted worldwide. But will the post-pandemic world of work be the same as it was before the pandemic?

We would like to invite you to our free OnTime superhero webinar, on “The New Normal Way of Working”

In our OnTime Superhero webinar, we present the latest OnTime building blocks developed to support the transformation towards new ways and structures of working.

The New Normal Way of Working: powered by OnTime
Domino: Tuesday, October 26, at 16 h – details and registration here (↑)  
Microsoft: Wednesday, October 27, at 16 h – details and registration here (↑)

  • Oct 13 / 2021

Booking flexible workplaces with OnTime

Hybrid Workplaces + New MS Teams Features – OnTime for Microsoft version 4.3 Out Now!

The pandemic has changed the way we work. Many companies now rely on a mix of working from home and in office, as more and more employees want to work predominantly from home. In return, they will have to do without a fixed workplace and their own desk in the company in the future. With OnTime Shared Desks, they can simply book a workplace for their working days in the company.

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  • Oct 04 / 2021

Salesforce Integration with Microsoft Teams is ready to use

There was no official news yet – but you can configure it and use it. All our tests worked fine.

The new Salesforce Teams App offers a great way to see Salesforce Data inside Microsoft Teams. Our App Q!365(↑) adds all the features to see and automate Teams from inside Salesforce. Both ways are important for a successful Teamwork.

We at Q!kom love the Salesforce Teams App – so we already automated the Tab creation from inside Salesforce.  

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  • Jul 01 / 2021

Q!365 is your SDK for integrating Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint into Salesforce

Q!365 is the perfect toolset to build your automation solution without compromises.
Attach any given Salesforce (incl. custom) object records to your automation workflow. Mix and match the creation of folder structures, Document Libraries, Sites, Teams and Channels. Maintain folder templates in SharePoint and let Salesforce Account and Opportunity teams drive the permissions.
Q!365 brings the complete Microsoft Graph API landscape into the game – often in one line of code.
Get started today.

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  • Jun 24 / 2021

Online Meetings Directly from OnTime 7.8 for Domino

As a new feature to OnTime for Domino 7.8, you now have the ability to create online meetings directly from your OnTime Desktop Client! No more having to switch back and forth double-checking links and timeslots. Simply create your online meetings for MS Teams and Zoom from OnTime with the click of a button and send out invites faster than ever.

Check out the following demo video demonstrating the new feature. This feature is instantly available to all OnTime users and supports all versions of Notes and Verse if you are running OnTime for Domino 7.8.


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  • May 19 / 2021

Q!365 Community Edition

We often do have an identity in Salesforce in form of a Community User login, such as a Partner or Customer – but we don’t want to manage and provide dedicated Microsoft credentials on our tenant just to be able to share files and documents.

Q!365 will take care of that.

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  • Mar 17 / 2021

Webinar on April 14: OnTime Groupcalendar with HCL Connections 

Webinar: Working Together Apart (↑)
While the world turns to working from home with remote communication and collaboration, the strength of solutions such as HCL Connections has never been more apparent. A study from Gallup for instance found that 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace properly. Connections aims to improve this with a comprehensive and flexible platform focused on putting people at the center of how your teams collaborate. It is an incredible knowledge-sharing platform allowing for easy and fast access to the right experts, but how do their schedules look and when are they available? This is where OnTime comes into the picture.

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  • Feb 18 / 2021