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This version introduces the first truly group focused Mobile calendar solution in the Microsoft calendar landscape.

Always rescheduling? Now there is a better way

Scheduling meetings when you are away from the office most often involves powering up your PC to get an overview of your colleague’s schedules and the available resources and meeting rooms. This is often a cumbersome process and often this process is postponed until people are back at their offices. With OnTime Mobile this process has just been made a lot easier allowing to save precious time and effort.

Our ambition with the OnTime Mobile calendar is precisely to provide the users with a complete overview of their colleagues available time, free rooms and resources. In one easy work process you can now book meetings, rooms and resources directly from the mobile solution, making it easier and faster for you to do business.

Read about the 6 of the most important features of the solution below, or try the solution yourself, by visiting our demo site at demo.ontimesuite.com.

6 essential features

  • A full overview of your own and your colleagues calendars
  • Select people, rooms and resources – invite and book in one simple process
  • Find rooms that are available now and book them
  • All contact information gathered in one place
  • Multi months date picker with scheduling load information
  • Support for personal assistants – Book on behalf of