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IBM Connections brings new needs: we all would prefer to have our Domino data in there, too, be it a link to the mail database or further information on a user in an organisation directory.

Mikkel Heisterberg from IntraVision has created a widget for us that shows Domino data for the open user profile in Connections by using our soapgate Q! in Connections anzeigt.

You will see it in the small right window “Soap Example” (click to enlarge). In the same way we can display other Domino data. On Mikkels Blog you will find more technical details shortly.


Developer Mikkel Heisterberg from IntraVision, producer of the OnTime group calender, explained on the DNUG conference how easy iWidgets development is.

In his blog lekkimworld.com (↗) you will find interesting stuff on Lotus Notes

Basis for this widget is the Java script encapsulation of the web service interface, done by our developer Oliver Haucke.

  • Jun 06 / 2014