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OnTime_GC_und_IBM_ConnectionsYour IBM Connections with a high performance group calendar, IntraVision’s OnTime group calendar. With OnTime’s social plugins you will make the most of your IBM-Connections platform.

IBM Connections is social software for business that lets you access everyone in your professional network, including your colleagues, customers, and partners.

We at QKom GmbH like especially IBM connection’s Web API. So we are able to build add-ons and our own apps. Our first app for Windows and Mac is our filedog Q!: it helps to easily upload and administer all files downloaded from connections. In IBM Connections you can mark files as „pinned files“. filedog Q! monitors all pinned files for changements or cancellations and sychronizes them to the choosed device: maintain your documents centrally, use them locally. filedog Q! keeps in mind where the files are and checks if there are new versions.

Real-time access to calendar data with OnTime group calendar (IBM customer story social business)

As part of the complete rewrite of IntraVision’s OnTime group calendar they added an API capability (based on open standards and web 2.0 technologies) to make it easier to work with the calendar data. This makes it easier to build user interfaces but also affords customers easy programmatic access to calendar data. To further extend the OnTime capabilities they added support for IBM Connections allowing access to calendar data from within the Profiles and Communities features of IBM Connections. Building on top of IBM Lotus Domino and IBM Connections affords a strong solid foundation for bringing real-time calendar data and real-time collaboration to customers.


Video OnTime Social Scheduling

See how OnTime group calendar works with IBM Connections: youtube.com/ontimesuite

  • Jun 06 / 2014