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LogoDreamforce in San Francisco October 13-16 (↑) presented innovative technologies for the transformation of sales, customer service, application development, and marketing.

Salesforce.com Inc. is a global cloud computing company and has also expanded into commercial applications of social networking. Salesforce.com is best known for its CRM product. Salesforce is the number one platform for managing a company’s interactions with its customers in the cloud. Long-term relationships with our customers is our most precious resource. Salesforce enhances the orientation towards the customers. The goal of the system is to track, record, store in databases, and then data mine the information in a way that increases customer relations.

Session dreamforce 14 - Easy Integration for IBM Connections Activities and Salesforce1 - QKom Andreas RosenWe had our own session: Easy Integration for IBM Connections Activities and Salesforce1

IBM Connections Activities can be useful for tracking progress. Salesforce1 is the leading cloud enterprise platform. See how easy it is to integrate these two technologies giving full visibility to your activities to your Salesforce users. This session will explore an elegant solution for storing data in a generic way that could be applied to any complex integrated data such as product configurators, project management, organizational diagrams, and more. You will see how you can bring these data structures to your Salesforce users no matter what the device.


  • Sep 29 / 2014