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Engage(↑) is back in Belgium from March 30-31, in Ghent with a major 2-day event with over 40 sessions, all in English, and top speakers from all over the world.

Andreas Rosen, Q!kom,  will speak about “How to Integrate IBM software and Salesforce”.

IBM Notes users, developers and administrators from Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands organize this event since 2009. Its purpose is to improve the interaction between users of IBM Collaboration Solution Software and the dialog between users and vendors/partners of IBM.

You can register here (↑)

Session by Andreas Rosen: How to Integrate IBM software and Salesforce

Tuesday, 03/31  08:00 – 08:45 > room: A

Both platforms support social thinking.
How to use the case focus of Salesforce and connect it with people focused network of Connections? We demonstrate it in our examples what you can accomplish.
– connect IBM Activities with opportunities in Salesforce
– show Connections data live in a Salesforce web UI
– publish Salesforce events into the IBM activity stream
You will finde more details here.
If you have Domino as your application platform we want to show what you can do to connect e.g workflow application’s. for more information, read on here.


  • Mar 04 / 2015