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Munich World Tour 2015Experience how to integrate external systems successfully: “Systemintegration with Apex Callouts” in Munich on July 2nd (↑).

Use the power of APEX callouts to integrate other systems

One of our famous Salesforce features is the ”callout”. We can e.g. call home and do things that are not possible in a lot of other cloud systems. We showed and delivered sample code for a callout to a REST based system, in this case the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern in order to make it easy to check out European VAT numbers with the German Federal Central Tax Office –  Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (↑).

Attendees left the session knowing how easy you can create callouts in Apex. They took away ideas what they could solve with callouts.

Nils Rosen (Q!kom)   nils.rosen@qkom.de

Has been Salesforce developer for 2 years. He created the integration demo for IBM Connections Activity and Salesforce. (Shown at Dreamforce 2014) Including deep links from Salesforce 1 to IBM mobile a app. He co-presented at IBM Social Connections in Stockholm and Engage.ug in Gent.

Oliver Haucke (Q!kom ) oliver.haucke@qkom.de

Has been Salesforce developer for 3 years. Specialist for sync programming and JavaScript solutions. He presented his solutions in various technical meetings.


Here is the presentation on Slideshare.net: Link (↑)

  • May 18 / 2015