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VR BankLogo_2015VR Bank Werra-Meißner eG uses OnTime group calendar as plattform

 VR-Bank Werra-Meißner eG has been using OnTime group calendar for several years now in order to plan appointments, meetings and rooms/resources in a quick, comprehensive and clear way.

VR-Bank Werra-Meißner is a cooperative bank located in Eschwege with many subsidaries. Its origins go back to 1882.

Helpful with daily business: The comprehensive scheduling with OnTime

OnTime is the platform where all appointments and date information is bundled. OnTime will enrich the Organizational Departments‘ information by adding availability. The result is a multifunctional information platform for staff deployment. Changes to the appointments of one’s own or of others can be made here. It is made sure that all persons involved will be informed of all changes immediately.

Staff information always up-to-date and perfectly maintained

The Organizational Department feeds the Domino address book with information on all users, whether someone is new or has changed department or position. So up-to-date, accurate, exact, and structured information is guaranteed. OnTime takes over the information automatically and is therefore always synchronous as well.

GroupsÖffentliche Gruppen

The information from the Organizational department will automatically be used for the hierarchical display of groups.

Favorites and personal groups

The favorites function helps to display frequently needed organizational groups and are put together allowing a clear overview. It is as well possible to create personal groups, for example, for collegues and rooms, so that you can always keep them organized.




Legend and overview on appointmentsFarblegende

The color legend is narrowed down on purpose so that it is always easy to see things at a glance. Projects are yellow, to be out sick is red, holidays are beige, standard dates are blue, customer appointments are green and time off is purple. If one wishes to be reminded of personal events such as birthdays or dates that will take place after working hours (e.g. picking up your car from the car repair), just mark the entry as “private”, not taking available time. This kind of entry can only been seen by its creator.

It is often helpful to filter dates and appointments according to the legend. E.g. to view only the colleagues that are out of the office today.


Business card

BusinessCasrdThe business card is filled in with the data from the organizational department. On entry in the bank a photograph will be made and as well be made available for OnTime. The pager field will be used for the internal dialing shortcut. In order to have everything completed, the subsidiary will be taken over from the “location” field. In the future, a helpful feature would be the possibility to start a call by clicking the number on the business card.

Out-of-office service

Out-of-office information can be maintained centrally in OnTime. It can be activated in case of illness on simple call of the employee to the receptionist. He or she will enter “ill” as an appointment type.

Special adjustments in the global settings

Special rules are defined in the global settings: e.g. the decision if an administrator who has the right to view free time, also has the right to see the content in the body field, or if the right to see the free time includes the right to see the colored legend. In VR Bank’s organizational rules it is stated that administrators can only see the dates but not the content. In order to enable this, OnTime offers the possibility to exclude groups from rights, e.g. the administrators’ group.


Many little details as in: the organizational database, photos, and manifold hierarchical arrangements that OnTime makes use of, make its application exemplary. In spite of the high density of information it is easily accessible for the user. OnTime is a helpful application that Q!kom, OnTime’s German support, would like to share with you.


Figure of the hierarchical groups with the dynamic display group configuration (fig. 1) and the associated sources (fig. 2).


Figure 1                                                                                                         Figure 2

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  • Jul 08 / 2015