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GC 4.4.2 Users ENGWith OnTime 4.4.2 we are releasing a version with a main focus on enriching existing functionality, fixing stability and performance issues and of course adding a few new features. Some of the improvements are:

Custom fields. Custom fields are now available in both the Eclipse(Notes) client and the browser client. Further custom fields can now be targeted for specific users. Custom fields allows organisations to augment information the in the standard calendar entry.

We have added a URL link detector to both the custom fields and the standard description field. This feature allows you to for example add links to meeting resources.

Added a new author role to control how rooms and especially restricted rooms can be used in OnTime.

Added ability to launch the OnTime browser client with a predefined set of users or a public group selected.

The browser version has received a major overhaul in the groups area to support organisations with a large number of groups.

Fixed a number of minor bugs in all clients. Read more about this in the release notes available HERE

  • Dec 14 / 2015