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OnTime loves Mobile! OnTime Group Calendar for IBM version 5.0 available now.
New Mobile experience
OnTime MS Mobil 5.0





As the need for truly mobile solutions increases, we have worked on an all-new approach to the OnTime Mobile client. From discussions with our customers and partners, we realized that in our previous versions we had attempted to take a concept, which works very well on a desktop client, and squeeze it into the limited screen size of a mobile device. Although this was functional it really was not the mobile experience users expect in 2016.

Consequently we started a redesign process. After reviewing numerous design and usability plans we finally came up with this new OnTime Mobile client. In the new design our ambition has been to:

  • Make the user interface visually appealing, light and uncluttered
  • Allow the user to navigate anywhere in the solution using just one finger, applying swipe gestures where applicable
  • Create a one-click access to all the users contact details, and be able to use this as a corporate directory
  • Allow the user to find free time and invite to a meeting with a minimum of clicks

Existing mobile customers

We realize that not all customers can simply switch between solutions. Consequently, we have made it possible for the administrator to configure, that the users should use the new OnTime Mobile or the OnTime Mobile Classic (4.6 and earlier) experience. This OnTime Mobile Classic experience will stay in the product for some time but it is our plan that it will eventually be retired.

For OnTime mobile customers with current maintenance, this new version is part of the subscription, you will however need to request a new license key from us.

 OnTime Group Calendar 5.0 – Other High Lights

  • Use multiple server based address books on the server when creating invitations in the Browser client. This includes using a custom application as directory source when creating invitations.
  • Accept / Decline meeting invitations on behalf of other users from the single person view of the Browser client
  • In 4.6 which was released recently we added new API functionality which allows developers to interact with Domino emails and personal contacts
  • Fixed some stability and performance issues
  • Jun 22 / 2016