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GC MS Best of two worldsImproved focus on Overview and Detail capabilities

The new version of the OnTime Group Calendar for Microsofr is available. This time the focus has been on improving the users general overview, filtering and searching to the user to make the best possible scheduling decisions.

Read on to discover our favorite improvements: Legend, business card details, descriptions and notification.


A significant change is the revamped legend system, which makes it easier to colourise and define different types of events based on Categories, Show As and Description/Subject.

business-cardDetails about persons

We have enhanced the business card to help to get a clearer overview of a person’s contact information, upcoming events and appointments.


Enable the user to add descriptions, when creating an event in the calendar. The description field recognises URL´s in text, so you can link to for example websites or online meetings like Skype for Business and Cisco Webex.


When you book a meeting on behalf of someone else, it is crucial for many of our customers that you notify the person who owns the calendar. In OnTime an email will now automatically be sent to the owner of the calendar, if this option has been selected.


You can also try the new version directly on our live demo site at demo.ontimesuite.com

For more details, please head over to OnTime’s website to read the full release notes.

Interested in upgrading or testing? Andreas Rosen supports you: a.rosen@qkom.de or phone +49-2607-1012


  • Sep 12 / 2016