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ontime-gc-meeting-assistant-1Improvements all around for the Browser, Mobile and Eclipse interfaces

In many organisations finding a common available time for meetings is often a major hassle. With OnTime 5.1.0 we have added new features to facilitate this process.

Some of the major improvements are:

  • making it much easier and faster to find a common time for meetings
  • finding the right person in the name lists by adding both photos and augmenting search results with information from the business card such as title and department
  • finding an available room from the mobile client

The list of major and minor improvements totals more than 100 changes including bug fixes. For more information, please head over to our website to read the full release notes. You can also try the new version directly on our live demo site at demo.ontimesuite.com

New browser viewer which introduces OnTime Meeting Assistant

The new Meeting Assistant which you can see above becomes active once you select multiple users.

 To the right of the people selected, you see a new check box. This check box determines whether this user is included in the free time search. If you deselect a user, more meeting slots are likely to be available. Even if you deselect a person, that person will still be included in the invitation when using the Meeting Assistant.


  • Dec 05 / 2016