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Meeting polls with OnTime Pollarity help if it is getting tight

Sometimes you just cannot make it to find a suitable date for all. When will externals be able to attend? Who could possibly reschedule his appointment to make it to your invitation? We know this functionality from Doodle. Unfortunately Doodle is an external system and does not help us to make suitable suggestions. This is why OnTime was expanded with this new add-on to include this function.

Suggest possible dates. You will immediately see how your suggestion fits to your own calendar and to the other internal invitees:






All internal invitees see at once how the suggestions match their time schedules:






External participants are sent an invitation including your logo, in your company colour, as well as useful links to your company’s web page, e.g. the “How to reach us” page:






Answers are collected so that the host can choose the best date and send out the invitations:






If the invitee opens the invitation on his mobile phone, all information will be perfectly adapted for mobile needs. A really professional invitation!


  • Jun 21 / 2017