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You Spoke – We Listened!

We always love getting suggestions from customers, on how different aspects of OnTime Group Calendar can be improved to make the users’ calendaring experience better. This year we got a handful of suggestions at Engage 2020, which has and will have an influence on shaping the versions that follow. In relation to this, we want to thank Joerg Rafflenbeul from Heitkamp & Thumann Group who made a suggestion at Engage, to make it possible to copy a meeting, including the invitees, to a poll, which is part of this version.
In this version 7.2 of OnTime for Domino, a number of new features and functions have been introduced, aimed at streamlining and simplifying the coordination and meeting booking processes for all users in OnTime Mobile. Please learn more about it in the Release notes.

  • Apr 22 / 2020