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Zoom rooms is a nice solution from Zoom – easy to use, but officially not available for HCL Domino. We at QKom had an idea how to get it working with the help of OnTime.

The magic is done – easy to set up and all features are part of the core OnTime Licence. Good news for our OnTime Customers! Interested? Just ask us!

What is needed?

  • First we need a Room in o365 and have to allow booking from external e-mail systems. That Room will be connected to Zoom
  • Second we need OnTime for Domino as Hybrid to integrate the booking data of that Room. Now we can visualize the booking details inside OnTime and are able to plan meetings with that room directly.
  • Third we use the universal free time search OnTime UFT to offer the Free time of the room also in Notes and Verse. Now the service for the users is perfect. 

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  • May 25 / 2020