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You Spoke – We Listened!

We always love getting suggestions from customers, on how we can improve different aspects of OnTime Group Calendar, to make the users’ calendaring experience better. We will be introducing a number of features and functions to our most popular add-on products, OnTime Pollarity and OnTime Mobile, some of which are based on these suggestions. These will help streamline and simplify the coordination and meeting booking processes for all users. Read more about how below or in the Release Notes.  
The updates to the add-on products are not all we have added to the Group Calendar in version 3.9. It also includes a new Printing function, that will allow for different users’ calendars to be printed as a PDF from OnTime. 
As always, you are welcome to contact as if you have any questions or feedback.

OnTime Mobile Updates

This new version of OnTime is filled with improvements and updates for OnTime Mobile, which is going to simplify everyday tasks for the user. 

  • You can now customize the number of columns and rows you wish to see on different kinds of devices, allowing you the best possible overview on both tablet and phone.
  • The ‘Add New Entry’-button has been moved to the bottom right corner of the screen for easy access.
  • When opening OnTime Mobile for the first time, you will be presented with an interface that allows you to easily add people to ‘My Team’.
  • You can now customize whether you want your OnTime Mobile to start up in ‘My Team’ or where you left of. 
  • See what people have replied to meeting invites when viewing event details.

OnTime Pollarity Updates

It has been just over two years since we released OnTime Pollarity for Microsoft, and since then polling to find an available meeting time has grown increasingly popular. This also means that we have been receiving customer requests, which these new features and functions are based upon:

  • You can now add or remove time slots for an existing poll. If new possible timeslots are added the users in the poll will receive a mail requesting them to vote again.
  • Creating polls and voting on behalf of someone else from the single person view is now possible, if you have editing rights in their calendar.
  • You can now send messages when you vote, either to all poll participants or just the poll host. The stream of messages and actions is visible in a right-side panel.
  • All polls are now saved by default. This allows you to easily access them after the meeting has been arranged.
  • The email addresses of the other invitees are no longer displayed to external invitees

Printing from OnTime

All companies are different and have different calendaring needs, all of which we would like to fulfil. One popular customer request has been the ability to print one or a number of users’ calendars from OnTime, in order to print or share your calendar in different ways. With this new version that is now possible, some of the main features of the printing function are:

  • Select a time period and one or more users to print all calendar data from.
  • You have power over the layout of your document, in order to decide on the calendar view, paper orientation and whether or not to show weekends.
  • May 28 / 2020