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One of the strengths of MS Teams is helping the team to stay focused by keeping documents, people and chats together in channels. So why not enhance Salesforces structured Sales and Service with the power of MS Teams?

What is available out of the Box?

Salesforce offers Files Connect (built far before Teams) to search all of SharePoint. Yes, you may find the documents of a team, but your search still is not focused to search especially in one team.

How to get better?

Q!365, the integration app by QKom, is build on the modern MS Graph API – and allows to link the right things to any object in Salesforce. It uses Lightning components to list your teams data as related objects.  So all your relevant office documents are only one click away. You can launch and edit cocuments without losing your focus in salesforce.
How to automate the structures of Teams and SharePoint?

Q!365 offers Salesforce admin and developers to create and link standard structures you need for your business – like a new team, a new channel, a new folder … actually all things MS Graph can do. For most of the cases we offer one line of code and you are done.

How to include Chatter New into or your Team Channel?

Q!365 offers an add on for Chatter enabled customers that triggers and forwards all updates to selected channels. It is supporting even large pictures as reports from Einstein Analytics.

How to start MS Teams Meetings directly out of Salesforce?

Q!365 offers as a first step a Quick Action to Meet Now in Teams. Very soon we will enable scheduling of Teams meetings – interested?  We are very open to pilot users to get it perfectly implemented.

There are so many possibilities for the future: Display channel messages, worke with the new ToDo or automate the creation of Excel out of templates. Just get in touch with us and share your needs.

What does it cost?

We would like to be the “No Brainer” App – we will always offer great value for just a small fee. We hope to share the app with a lot of customers so we will all win together. (Link to pricing)



  • Jun 18 / 2020