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How to integrate Microsoft Teams meetings in HCL Domino with the help on OnTime

During this intensive home office for everybody phase, a lot of Domino customers started to use Microsoft Teams for their online meetings. Shortly after, customers asked us for help as we cannot schedule Domino meetings inside Teams and we miss seeing our calendar.

Here is our solution: Q!kom created a web app for Microsoft Azure. You may use one of your 10 free web apps for this application.

The app has an outer frame with oAuth to Microsoft Office 365 and an inner frame with OnTime for Domino. The app checks if you have a login to Microsoft Office 365 – if no we have the oAuth dance – if yes –> it gets your email from Microsoft Office 365 and gets a OnTime session for that email and starts the UI (simply magic).

If you click on “Create Teams meeting” – we do that with your Microsoft Office 365 identity – and copy the link into the clipboard, you schedule in OnTime your new meeting and paste the link into the body (done).

Meet now just starts a new Teams meeting like in Teams.

For more information, call Andreas Rosen at +49-2607-1012 or mail to andreas.rosen@qkom.de


  • Jun 08 / 2020