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Our customers had suggestions that have been implemented in the new version so that they no longer have to leave Salesforce when working with folders:

  • Folder Search, a direct search inside the folder
  • File Upload, a direct upload of documents
  • Condensed View, for a better overview




The Folder Search

… allows you to search directly in the linked folder, which contain everything about the business transaction and are automatically displayed. All related documents can thus be found easily. The documents remain in Microsoft, so that they can be edited immediately at any time.


The condensed view

… allows you to keep an eye on the right side of the folder with the documents, while on the left side the business area is being processed


File upload directly from Salesforce

… allows you to upload documents instantly without having to do it from Sharepoint and without the size limitations of Salesforce




Multiple files upload

… the upload of multiple files works easy, just select multiple files and upload them.

If you accidentally upload the wrong file, you can delete it just as easily. 


This link will take you to the main page of Q!365 (↑), where you will find further information such as details and prices in the right-hand column.





  • Aug 24 / 2020