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Salesforce Teams Integration will be available in Summer 21 – Good news

But comes later – currently not yet in the summer 21 prerelease orgs – we have to wait.

Upcoming extra Feature for the Teams Integration – Salesforce Meeting as tab in your Teams Meeting

Info found the Summer 21 Release Note (↑)

First –  if you would like to try it yourself, your organization has to be nominated by your salesforce contact – the Microsoft app is already public, but, needs a profile in your org. 

Second – you can see the features in Microsoft Blog (↑) and read about it in the public Help description of salesforce.com (↑) 

(Available with Sales cloud in: Performance and Unlimited Editions)

Offers Features like: Add new Contract to Salesforce

As you will see in the MS blog post you can pin a salesforce object as a tab in a Teams channel. This adds the business case into the Teams channel.  

As nearly everything in Teams – > you can start a discussion on the tab that is also visible in the messages tab. That adds the teams’ discussion around the business case.

If you like the discussion but not the tab – they built also a message extension. A little cloud symbol in the chat line lets you start searching for a salesforce object and adds it as “card” into the chat. Nice thing here that is pure HTML so every Team member can read the text. If you are a salesforce user you can use the link button to open the details.

Third – that’s it for now. We will have to wait for general availability to tell you more details. Like how to automate the tab creation from inside Salesforce. Or tell you why our App Q!365 is a perfect add on for this Salesforce offering.

For now, we can only say – great work! It’s just working as documented.  

  • Nov 30 / 2020