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Do you want to enhance your OnTime Superhero powers? Make sure to grab one of the 20 tickets for the fun and educational OnTime Live Webinar on Thursday, November, 05 from 11-12 CET before it is too late (↑)!

This webinar is dedicated to helping you and your colleagues use OnTime to the fullest. OnTime is continuously updating the group calendar with new, powerful features, and wants you to master them all and save even more time. We will also talk about the product roadmap, and gladly hear your suggestions for future features and improvements.

You can ask questions or request specific topics in advance or during the seminar, so you get the full output.

If you want to be a true superhero, make sure to invite your colleagues to attend, so they will get to enjoy all the time saving OnTime features too.

We look forward to seeing you!

  • Nov 02 / 2020