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Episode 60: Integration Solutions with Nina Rosen (↑)

Nina Rosen is a Salesforce developer and an architect for Neomatic over in Germany. She has built integration apps for a variety of platforms and companies in the past and is currently working on a partner relationship management system based on Salesforce data. 

In this episode, Nina talks about integration with Salesforce. Specifically, she discusses the various aspects of integrating Salesforce with other platforms. Listen in and learn how you can do it yourself.

Show Highlights:

  • What OAuth is
  • The distinctions she has found across implementations with OAuth
  • How to get the API you’re integrating with
  • What she does to structure Apex to make it friendly with different call-outs
  • Tips for handling the different kinds of incoming and outgoing data formats
  • Considerations for the API being called into by Salesforce
  • How to protect yourself from an attack vector
  • Microsoft’s new Graph API
  • Things to consider when working with user interfaces
  • How she has worked around the lack of a patch method in Salesforce up until now


  • Dec 15 / 2020