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Webinar: Working Together Apart (↑)
While the world turns to working from home with remote communication and collaboration, the strength of solutions such as HCL Connections has never been more apparent. A study from Gallup for instance found that 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace properly. Connections aims to improve this with a comprehensive and flexible platform focused on putting people at the center of how your teams collaborate. It is an incredible knowledge-sharing platform allowing for easy and fast access to the right experts, but how do their schedules look and when are they available? This is where OnTime comes into the picture.

“People Power Your Business, Connections Powers Your People, OnTime Powers Connections”

The integration of OnTime in HCL Connections provides users with a versatile and complete overview of community members’ availability and schedules. The OnTime Group Calendar always stays updated as members are being added to or removed from communities giving users an easy way to schedule meetings effortlessly.

Read more about OnTime and HCL Connections below or join our webinar on April 14th to experience the Group Calendar in action!

Watch OnTime for HCL Connections in action!
Join the OnTime Webinar on April 14 (↑)

Come listen in on the many ways of using OnTime during these tough times. If you’re busy, don’t worry! Just save a spot anyway, and we’ll send the recording.

Using the OnTime Group Calendar in Connections

Profile Calendar

The OnTime for Connections Profiles enriches each employee’s Profile in Connections with a view of their personal calendar. Anyone within the organization, who has been granted access to see details of this employee’s schedule, can now immediately get a clear picture of the user’s availability.



Community Calendar

When on Connections’ communities with OnTime, you will always be able to get a quick overview of your colleagues’ daily schedules. The quick view sidebar on the right side of your screen shows the daily appointments and events of the members of the community as well as meeting details. Additionally, you can filter the View focusing on the entire community, your network within the community, or your “I’m Following”.


Desktop Calendar

With the OnTime Group Calendar it is always our ambition to provide our users with the best possible overview in a visually appealing style. Therefore, you can also access the full OnTime Calendar within your Connections communities. The calendar widget allows you to schedule appointments, all-day events, and meetings that all will be synchronized with your personal calendar in Domino as well as the option to zoom on individual days for a more detailed view.

Newsletter number 1, February 2021

Working Apart Together

As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed around the world, it has disrupted and rearranged the workplace as we know it. While the global pandemic is temporary, it is believed that this new way of working is here to stay. 98% of people have at least expressed that they would like to continue to work remotely at least some of their working time.

This newsletter is the first in a series dedicated to helping you get the most out of OnTime in these tough times and trying to showcase how OnTime can help with some of these many challenges of working from home. 

A study conducted by Buffer on the state of remote work in 2020 showed that 20% of people working from home found collaboration and communication to be the biggest challenge. OnTime Pollarity is our attempt at fixing this challenge, which is why that is what this first newsletter will be all about.

With countless employees experiencing challenges with collaboration and communication something like trying to coordinate and find time for meetings has only become more difficult than ever. However, the OnTime Pollarity add-on is a tool that can help you with just that. Send out time suggestions and have participants vote on their preferred time and date in a poll – avoiding long email chains back and forth and miscommunication


Watch the 2-minutes introduction:

Dive deeper in 7 minutes:

Gerne steht Ihnen Andreas Rosen, Geschäftsführer der Q!kom für Ihre Fragen zur Verfügung info@andreas.rosen.qkom.de



  • Feb 18 / 2021