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Salesforce Integration with SharePoint – powered by Microsoft Graph

This and other details of integration is discussed in the Video from Ragnar Heil (MVP for Microsoft https://ragnarheil.de )  with Andreas Rosen and Dominic Ley from the QKom App Team. QKom offers deep integrations and automation from Salesforce into Microsoft 365 with the App Q!365(↑) 

In the video you will see how to create and visualize project folders, who to upload files and to use sharing with external Users – all from within Salesforce.   

At the end of the discussion, they show how easy you create Teams Meetings directly inside Salesforce. In the end the App enables all Microsoft Graph API can offer.

Conclusion –> Microsoft 365 can be a perfect DMS add on to Salesforce –> you just have to add a little automation and the App Q!365.  All done fast and fair priced. 

Try it out at App Exchange Q!365 (↑)

In the following, short, video you can see a use cased focussed presentation of the features in 1 minute 20:

  • Feb 01 / 2021