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Integrate your archive system d.3ecm in Salesforce

connect Q! for d.velop integrates d.velop’s archive system ECM directely into your Salesforce.


Search integration

the contextual search enables an automatic document request from Salesforce account, the key hereto is the debtor’s number

all features of the d.velop products at your hand thanks to the seamless d.3one-Integration, including a full-text search that give you access to all document’s content

results can be filtered according to document type as offer, invoice etc

the result’s list provides a direct link to the documents in question

Workflow integration

our app has been especially designed for d.velop’s cloud service (here for you a video on the cloud service)

the new tender mangement provides an intelligent link: we are able to generate a customer file from the Salesforce account and link it to the Salesforce account

every process related to the cutomer file can be started in Salesforce and remain linked to the Salesforce objects (here you will find a video explaining details)

Conclusion: without having to leave your sales context you have access to the whole knowledge inside the archive system