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EPost Kundenstory Salesforce Domino.pngSalesforce well suited for Domino customers
whether coexistence or migration, both are perfectly feasible

Domino offered the possibility to integrate a CRM with workflows for offers and orders. Our customer used modules for material logistics, printing volume and service. After 15 years it was now necessary to modernize, in order to get a web suited system that offers as well reporting possibilities. In order to assure quality we checked what is needed and what other systems would be able to offer. We decided to introduce Salesforce as it meets all expectations on reporting, web enablement and mobility.

The customer: E-POST Solutions GmbH

E-POST Solutions GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Post AG. E-POST Solutions offers its customers support for input and output management and has been ranked among the leading providers in Germany and Europe for more than 20 years. Its service ranges from digitalizing the whole communication inbox (professional scanning and post-processing) to generating and distributing incoming print data streams and the according production of a multimedia print output, including secure communication via E-POSTBRIEF letter. Management of material and attachments are part of the business spectrum.

First step: coexistence of two systems

In the first step we modeled the customers and opportunities in Salesforce. Master data have been transferred to Domino so that they would be available for the Domino workflows. Active customers have been transferred to Salesforce with one click, the corresponding history could always been reviewed in Domino.

Second step: migration of an application

In the second step we transferred as well the Domino Workflows to Salesforce. The data model of the application could be kept, so that users had to cope with a new system but were able to keep well-tried processes.

Third step: process improvement

Salesforce is well suited to join process specific information from other systems clearly arranged in one place. The old system has been improved by reading the master data on a daily basis so that users will have them at hand whenever needed during the business processes.

Forth step: visualizing business processes leads to transparency

The business departments provide data, sales reads them and knows how to interpret them. Even accurate forecasts can be made: Which services will be needed when? Operational control and evaluation become possible. It becomes even possible to check all information mobile thanks to the web enablement

Last step: the complete separation of systems

The big advantage when migrating to Salesforce was that good things could be kept. Meaningful processes and workflows did not have to be reinvented, but only to be implemented in Salesforce. We were able to transfer 15 years of experience to Salesforce making full use of the new possibilities that Salesforce offers. The tool has changed but the processes remain the same. The steps could have been taken one after another thanks to the continued synchronization between Salesforce and Domino, without any obstacles to the daily procedures. So we could guarantee a smooth migration.


This customer needed a complete platform switch as the mail platform has been changed as well and Domino was only kept running for this application. In other cases it might be more appropriate to keep both systems coexisting as applications are applied analogously. So Domino users get quickly familiar with it.


Implemented by Q!kom

Q!kom is a specialist for IBM software, Domino, IBM connections and Salesforce. We are specialized in integration and migration solutions. We presented these topics at Dreamforce 2014, Social Connections 6 and Engage conference, showing the possibilities in our sessions.