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With d.3ecm you can achieve sustainable organization of your company’s information and map more of your business processes to substantially improve transparency and employee satisfaction. d.3ecm provides you with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies for classifying, structuring and versioning information.Also, the integrated HTML5 technology and mobile apps for various operating systems give you a full range of options for accessing your information and processes.

d.3ecm is the central storage location for all of your company’s documents and information. It ensures long term availability information, while its digital dossier structure provides quick, clear overviews.d.3ecm uses digital workflows to automatically deliver tasks and information along a business process.

How exactly does d.3ecm that?How does it record, digitize and organize your documents? How does it optimize your business processes? How does d.3ecm ensure seamless integration into your existing systems?

Lear more here: https://www.d-velop.de/en/d3/d-3ecm-von-d-velop/