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Q!Dialfire – Connector between Salesforce and Dialfire
Real call
center functionality, easily integrated in Salesforce

Dialfire extends Salesforce’s campaign management to real call center functionality. Create a new campaign in Dialfire and connect it with your Salesforce campaign. You are now able to transfer data to Dialfire with one click. Call customers directly out of Dialfire and benefit from a perfect support of your work. Every status is reported. In addition you are able to define tasks.
Example: making an appointment for a demo installation after a successful presentation.

Internal tool as well as support for external service provider’s

This application may be used as internal tool as well as for commissioning an external service provider. The service provider does not need any access to Salesforce in order to transfer secure response. 

Here you see in three pictures a telemarketing campaign for OnTime, including the to-do “making an appointement for a test installation” after a successful presentation

Dialfire provides a special feature: ask for specific further information during the call and document it immediately. Here the customer has been asked which e-mail platform he is using. The result (in this case Office 365) is transferred back to Salesforce. This is only one of many possibilities how to tune a telemarketing campaign and to collect relevant information with Dialfire.

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Result in Salesforce: