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Enforce your HCL Connections with Q!kom’s Salesforce Connector

  • Stay in Salesforce and still use your files stored in HCL Connections.
  • Have your pinned files list always at hand in Salesforce as a link list.
  • See your HCL Connections update together with your Salesforce update.
  • Push updates from Salesforce to your Network in Connections, e.g. New Deals, New Projects etc.
  • It works with Cloud as well as on premise.
  • We use the secure and standardized OAuth2, so you never have to expose your account and password.

Easy to setup. Ready to use. Open to any customization in Salesforce. Available inside the appstore (↑).

What Q!connections for IBM Connections provides:

Our new version of Q!connections now supports folders – if the link points to a folder in Connections, the content of the folder is displayed directly in Salesforce