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Here is a video with Ron Denham of IBM: Q!kom’s integration of IBM Connections and Salesforce.


Integrated Actvities from IBM Connections in Salesforce – how it works:

connections-aktivität1. We add the technical user as Admin into each IBM Community we want to connect – > we can then read all IBM Activities there.

2. We sync all these IBM Activities into a new Salesforce Custom Object “ConActivity” . The sync program is created in C#. It runs as Windows service on an internal machine using the technical user for IBM Connections and the technical user for Salesforce. Synchronisation can easily be set to e.g. every 30 minutes.


sf-aktivität3. We detect the Salesforce Account or Opportunity by a TAG that is stored in the IBM Activity and create the relationship.-> you can see at Account level all Activities for that Customer and on Opportunity Level all Activities for that Sales chance.

We use the Salesforce ID for that object – So we link to the Salesforce opportunity and show it also a list of all related activities in the Salesforce account document of this customer. The only little thing you have to do manually is to copy the TAG from Salesforce (we created a button for it) and put it in the IBM Connections TAG field. Only the first SF-TAG will be used.

Up to now we just use what you get in the IBM Cloud edition – so we are cloud-to-cloud ready.