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Grafik Integration Salesforce IBM connections SchnittmengeSalesforce und IBM Connections

Both platforms support social thinking. But, how can we use Salesforce’s case focus and combine it with the people-centered network IBM Connections?

  • Our solution for this is connect Q!, an universal connector that comes with a lot of features:
    Your IBM Connections activity feed in Salesforce with all functions: like, comment, enclose attachments, inform people using @mentions. Collaborate with your teams in IBM connections without having to quit the sales context.
  • Use IBM Connections search directly on the relevant places in Salesforce: context assisted search. Access the whole knowledge of IBM Connections without having to step outside your sales context.
  • We are open to  your needs, wishes and suggestions: connect Q! for IBM Connections (↑)

Salesforce and IBM Domino Calendar & Contacts

Both platforms support contacts and calendaring. How can we combine Salesforce’s customer oriented FILING SYSTEM  with the opulent mailing and calendaring features in IBM Domino? Our solution for this ist he coming Q!kom add-on for OnTime group calendar.

  • Your appointments and meetings are always at hand, as well in Salesforce, all meetings will be searched for your Salesforce contacts and linked accordingly. Other links, as to an Opportunity are supported in a clever way.
  • Edit straight away in Salesforce and make use of the complete OnTime functionality. Send out perfect Domino invitations without having to step outside your CRM context.

Two systems that feel like one! Come and see the our solution at CeBIT.