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A system on its own may run very well. But it only comes to perfection if it learns to do teamwork. The basic requirement for this are the interfaces, nowadays mostly based on web services. This is exactly what we emphasize.

We developed livegate Q! for the German Sparkasse (savings banks). livegate Q! is an interface for their generic OSPlus system. livegate Q! makes customer data like address, account information etc available to Lotus Notes.

Interfaces are our hobby: be it for Adobe LiveCycle, SharePoint or Domino Server. By the way: we have the only generic web service interface for Domino worldwide. We love SOA, the service orientated architecture!

A system based on a SOA will package functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used within multiple separate systems from several business domains. SOA defines how to integrate widely disparate applications for a Web-based environment and uses multiple implementation platforms.