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Planat-LogoOnTime Group calendar for Microsoft at PLANAT GmbH

PLANAT GmbH has been developing and implementing ERP/PPS standard software since 1981, specializing in logistics, production planning, production controlling and operational applications. PLANAT’s award winning FEPA solution is impressive because of PLANAT’s excellent service for mid-sized companies in different branches. Their motto: Customers do not want products, they want solutions.

The criteria for PLANAT’s decision to implement OnTime group calendar was: its outstanding performance, clear overview and the possibility to create your own private groups allowing users fast access to everything they need.

Another reason is the impressive individual setting of the time schedule. It is easy to switch between different views, be it one day, several days, a whole week etc. Whatever you would like to see, you can with one click. The 24 hour view allows you to see the appointments of your colleagues in other time zones. Wherever you might be, view and edit your own calendar entries or those of your colleagues – depending on the rights you have been granted. Last but not least Qkom GmbH (the German OnTime distributor) offers fast and reliable service due to its direct connection to OnTime’s developers.

Andreas Eisfeld, Senior Consultant at Planat GmbH: “We as an ERP developer always focus on the usability of our products. OnTime group calendar for Microsoft excellently fulfills this feature. OnTime enhances the value of our calendar data making it easily available wherever you are. The complete integration into Office 365 and the ActiveDirectory makes administration easy. In short: an all-in-one solution!”