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n-MobilityApp2013Update: We will not continue this project because n-mobility uses Adobe Air, our focus lies on  BlackBerry and BlackBerry does not support Adobe Air any more.

n-mobility is a lightweight client for mobile devices to view/read any Notes database on your Playbook using our web service based data access API for Domino (soapgate Q!).

n-mobility allows access to a configurable list of Notes databases, its views and documents. No design changes or development is required, the creation of a Database Access Profile in the soapgate Q! database is all it takes.


n-mobility offers youn-mobilityV2.6-Feldfunktionen

  • New: Support for rich text
  • Support for categorized views.
  • Support for response document hierarchies (this is work in progress)
  • Dynamic view categorization
  • Dynamic column resizing

We are looking forward to the newest version that is going to support richt text.

n-mobility is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. Just click on the corresponding link.

  Demo Full
BlackBerry App World click here click here
BlackBerry App World (OS10) click here  
Google Play Store (Phone) click here click here
Google Play Store (Tablet) click here click here
Apple App Store (iPhone) click here click here
Apple App Store (iPad) click here click here

How does it work?

As well the demo version as the full version is by default connected to the Flexdomino.net server. To use the n-mobility Client with your own databases/server, you will need to download soapgate Q!. To enable a database for the use with the n-mobility client you have to create a database access profile for the database in soapgate Q!

See what it is in this video: