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Perfectly connecting SAP C4C to IBM Notes with OnTime group calendar C4C

A SAP customer needs to optimise its processes in sales, service and marketing. A big US Analytical System Solutions organisation is using IBM Notes and SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer). Resource planning is done with C4C. The IBM platform is used for connecting employees to each other, to the business applications and to the information data bases. It offers messaging and calendaring.

What is the challenge?

The company’s schedulers arrange for the assignments of field services inside C4C. On the one hand, services are managed and invoiced in C4C. On the other hand, employees plan their appointments in IBM Notes on their own. Schedulers and employees would need to work in a close partnership in order to achieve high scheduling performance since schedulers should be aware of all appointments and employees should be aware of all assignments made. Therefore is vital to connect the two systems and share data across various departments.

What is the solution?

Q!kom’s add-on for OnTime group calendar, OnTime for C4C, connects both worlds perfectly. The add-on works together with the high-performing, scalable and extremely fast group calendar OnTime which fulfils all requirements. Every assignment is pushed immediately, appointment updates are checked every ten minutes.

The group calendar provides a clear and graphical overview of the assignments, either in the personal view, the team viewer, or filtered by location or talent. Due its high scalability, it is easy to flawlessly handle all 1600 employees of the organisation. The biggest existing OnTime installation manages 60.000 calendars.

What about mobility?

As for all organisations nowadays, mobility is an important point as well in this case. OnTime provides perfect mobility: at a glance the mobile interface offers a perfect overview with assorted colours.

And quality assurance?

The customer requested that an assignment cannot be deleted or moved without direct communication with the scheduler. Therefore OnTime C4C compares the OnTime entries with the C4C entries every night. In case of discrepancies, the data form C4C will be recovered.


OnTime for C4C makes sure that both systems – the leading booking platform and the end user system – provide always identical and reliable data. It facilitates information flow between all business functions. This integration saves a lot of time, helps to avoid errors and assures the quality of data.