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The 5 OnTime Group Calendar Business Process Objectives

1. Scheduling: Minimise process time and help the user find the earliest possible available time

2. Delegation: Provide access to act on consolidated scheduling data at all time 

3. Match talent to time: Allow the user to immediately identify candidates who are both qualified and available

4. Improve customer service: Identify expertise and availability for a relevant and timely response

5. Always available: Always be available whether working from the office or on the road

The User Interface

Person View: Switches to a person centric perspective. This allows you to focus on the details of a calendar for a specific person.

Groups: Have your whole organisation at your fingertips. To move your focus between departments and projects is only one click away. Combine this with the power of making your own groups for your add-hoc needs.

Legends: Display clusters of similar calendar entries in different colours, based on sets of criteria. Legends provide users of the calendar interfaces with a better overview of colleagues’appointments and an ability to filter by type.

Notice Panel: Get alerts on any meeting updates that require your attention and be able to act on them.

Business Card: Provides rich information for the selected person. Further the business card provides you with actions such as mail, phone message, etc.

Out Of Office: Allows you to manage and enable / disable Out Of Office for your colleagues.

Advanced Search: Advanced Search, Allows the user to search and filter. The search function works on names, departments, and tittles and of course also subjects.

Flexible Views: View your colleagues by day(s), week(s), or use the vacation view to plan your departments summer holidays. You can also zoom in on every view in order to get a full 24-hour look for planning.

Type-ahead: All views are type-ahead enabled to allow ease of navigation. 

Drag&Drop: Provides maximum scheduling power. This allows you to create or edit appointments and meeting with invitees, rooms and resources.

Instant Details: The detail view provides information based on what you do in the calendar, such as details of the appointment or find free-time.

Client: OnTime for Web

Ontime for Notes

Work directly in your HCL Notes client

The OnTime® Notes Client provides a very powerful interface for users running HCL Notes 8.5 standard or higher.

Fullscreen application 

Sidebar application

Team at a glance

Client: OnTime for Notes

Client: TAAG Sidebar

Words from our clients

“At Alfa Laval Nordic, we needed a clearer and more immediate overview of staff availability and schedules than Lotus Notes provides in order to improve our customer service response times.

OnTime® Group Calendar enables us to reduce operational costs by streamlining the scheduling process to help us achieve our performance targets. We are now more effective at allocating our resources, managing relationships and providing reports to senior management.”

Steen Willermark, Alfa Laval

“We had a big challenge with planning our meetings over different locations. Finding availability for a group of people for a certain location (trying to avoid traveling hours for just 1 hour meeting).

When we are away from our desk OnTime supports us by having a fully featured Mobile application giving our management and secretaries the power on the go.  We can highly recommend OnTime Group Calendar.”

Marion Vrielink, Adviseur ICT, Saxion University

Non-Stop Business

Your business doesn’t stop just because you’re not in the office. A recent survey showed that 49% of all e-mails are now read on a mobile device. With mobile devices becoming ever more important in our everyday life, it becomes increasingly important to manage all of our everyday chores without having access to a desktop computer. With OnTime Mobile it is easy to co-ordinate schedules with your co-workers when you’re on the road or visiting clients.

Group calendaring and mobility brought together:
You need to find the right people at the right time even when you’re out of the office or away from your computer..

The OnTime® Mobile means instant access to the people in your organisation, their calendars and gives you a clear picture of their availability. So now you can coordinate and schedule your co-workers’ activities at the right time, wherever you are. With secure access to your corporate network, a simple user interface, and the tools you need to find, add, delete contacts, arrange appointments or find a good time to talk.

OnTime® Pollarity

Best time slot for multiple people: Significantly reduce the time used to decide upon a common time slot for a meeting by polling the intended participants. Poll both internally or mixed groups which include external participants. Increase your probability of success for each purposed time slot by enriching the poll with the current calendar information for internal OnTime users.

Using OnTime® Group Calendar in HCL Connections

HCL Connections allows for a group calendar experience that was never possible before. The profiling of individuals and their relationships, including who the user is following, which networks they belong to provides users with the ability to search and filter the scheduling information in entirely new ways. By leveraging the different components of HCL Connections such as Profiles and Communities OnTime Group Calendar has become a true social group calendar.

OnTime® Open API

OnTime® Group Calendar offers an open HTTP based API which can be used to build custom solutions on top of the OnTime® Group Calendar backend. Using the API you may extend your Intranet, CRM system or other business critical applications with real time calendar data.

The OnTime® Group Calendar API Explorer is an interactive way of exploring the API and discover its potential. Using point’n’click you may try out the API and see how easy it is to get access to the gems stored within the calendar data of your organization.

OnTime updates are very close to real time: On average the OnTime Group Calendar is updated within a few seconds after a user makes a change in the personal Domino calendar

All platforms supported by HCL Domino: OnTime Group Calendar does not require dedicated servers but can be installed on the existing HCL Domino mail or application servers. In larger environments the server part of OnTime Group Calendar is often installed on dedicated servers.

Supported HCL Mailserver Plattforms: Tested on release 8.5+ on HCL Domino running on Windows or Linux. (We recommend running version 9+ on the Domino servers)

Support for clustering: Clustering of mail servers and OnTime Group Calendar servers is only supported on Windows

Supported Clients: HCL Notes – Windows or Mac OS

Supported Browser:  Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari on Mac OS. A List of supported versions of the browsers can be found in the manual.

Support for mobile users: iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, all in newer versions

Support for HCL Connections: Tested on HCL Connections 4.5 and above

Scalabilty: Tested for 60.000+ users

Languages: English, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Danish,

Test now: demo.ontimesuite.com