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OnTime® Meeting Manager is a one-stop meeting organiser for Domino. It is your own personal assistant, dedicated to making the process of organising meetings quick and efficient, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s central to your business. An ideal complement to OnTime Group Calendar for Domino users, it puts the people, facilities and equipment you need at your fingertips.

OnTime® Meeting Manager organizes life

OnTime Meeting Manager arranges times and locations, invites delegates and books rooms, tools and refreshments instantly and dependably.

Who is available?

Before you can call a meeting, you need to know when people are free. All you need to know is your invitees, preferred room and required equipment. Meeting Manager will then provide you with an instant answer to the availability of your selections. If other alternatives are available these will also be presented.

Who else needs to know?

To make sure your meeting runs smoothly and professionally, you might have to inform the canteen staff, the reception, line managers. OnTime Meeting Manager provides a one-stop solution.

OnTime® Meeting Manager – More details

OnTime Meeting Manager is your one-stop organizer dedicated to making the process of organizing meetings quick and efficient, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s central to your business. Booking rooms for meetings or even teleconferences should be an easy process. Most people would agree on that. Adding catering to the booking should not be much harder. However often organisations find that handling this procedure is a lengthy process that absorbs much more time than imagined. If you consider some of the hidden “time consumers” like handling the entire approval workflow for catering and facility management it becomes clearer why this is true. OnTime Meeting Manager is targeted at turning the entire process from invitation, meeting attendance, delivering catering and at the end doing the cost accounting into one fully integrated process.

The employee

Handle all your meeting process in one simple and user-friendly interface to optimize your preperation time. As a daily user you will handle:

  • Invitations
  • Booking rooms & resources
  • Order food & refreshments
  • Arrange with facility about room setup
  • Register external guests

The secretary

The secretary needs to have the big overview: so the focus is on handling several or many colleagues in one structured place.

  • Support secretary bookings on behalf of
  • Approve booking requests on owned rooms
  • See status and handle catering orders

The catering

The catering needs a place to handle all orders coming from the business and be able to prepare catering for those.

  • Handle catering orders with full workflow
  • Interact directly with responsible person of the meeting
  • Know what has to be done, when and where (Service Rosters)
  • Make finale order corrections after the meeting has being held
  • Export finale orders to accounting for internal invoicing

Facility Manager

Within the corporation there is a need to book and handle resources and also know what preparations are needed in the different meetings.

  • Easy To-Do lists to see exactly where facility work is needed
  • Handle recourse bookings including check-in/check-out functionality
  • Automate systems like video conference equipment by integrating with Meeting Manager and Notes


Accounting uses a lot of time administrating internal invoicing of catering orders within the company. Therefore by using Meeting Managers export functionality, they can easily import all closed orders into the company ERP system.

  • Automatic import – No more typing in the paper orders in the ERP system
  • See statistics on who bought what and how much by using self defined views in the Archive database