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Why our customers use Meeting Manager

„We had already been successfully using Intravision’s OnTime Group Calendar for some time when our in-house meeting solution proved not to be compatible with Domino-7 any longer. So we were very happy to discover that Intravision had got a standard application for meeting management as well. Our experiences as well as our special needs have been implemented in OnTime Meeting Manager’s new version. So we are now in the position to migrate to an optimal application. A special requirement in our house was the detailed information for the reception. The reception has to be informed who is awaiting which external visitors. As second requirement we wanted to be able to use all services not only in the conference rooms, but also in the offices. We are proud that our requirements contributed to the enhancement of Meeting Manager and will now be of benefit to other enterprises as well.“

ses_astraHelmut Jako by, Sen. Engineer Inform.
Technology, SES Astra, Luxemburg