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OnTime as platform at VR Bank

VR BankLogo_2015VR Bank Werra-Meißner eG uses OnTime group calendar as plattform

 VR-Bank Werra-Meißner eG has been using OnTime group calendar for several years now in order to plan appointments, meetings and rooms/resources in a quick, comprehensive and clear way.

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  • Jul 08 / 2015

Q!kom’s session at Salesforce World Tour

Munich World Tour 2015Experience how to integrate external systems successfully: “Systemintegration with Apex Callouts” in Munich on July 2nd (↑).

Use the power of APEX callouts to integrate other systems

One of our famous Salesforce features is the ”callout”. We can e.g. call home and do things that are not possible in a lot of other cloud systems. We showed and delivered sample code for a callout to a REST based system, in this case the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern in order to make it easy to check out European VAT numbers with the German Federal Central Tax Office –  Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (↑).

Attendees left the session knowing how easy you can create callouts in Apex. They took away ideas what they could solve with callouts.

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  • May 18 / 2015

How to integrate IBM connections and salesforce

Both plattforms support Social thinking. How can we use Salesforce’s Case Focus and integrate it with the people-centered network IBM Connections? Interesting issues are:

  • connecting the IBM Activities with Salesforce Oppunitities
  • IBM Connections data live in a Salesforce Web user interface
  • publishing Salesforce events in the IBM Activity stream

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  • Apr 20 / 2015

OnTime group calendar 4.1

GC 4.1There are some nice new features in version 4.1:

  • Display of office hours in the UI
  • Support for conflict checking based on office hours
  • Support for searching for available time based on office hours
  • New bar above the dates that visualises available slots for selected persons, rooms and resources
  • Ability to select “Keep informed” when declining


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  • Apr 13 / 2015

Engage in Belgium, Ghent


Engage(↑) is back in Belgium from March 30-31, in Ghent with a major 2-day event with over 40 sessions, all in English, and top speakers from all over the world.

Andreas Rosen, Q!kom,  will speak about “How to Integrate IBM software and Salesforce”.

IBM Notes users, developers and administrators from Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands organize this event since 2009. Its purpose is to improve the interaction between users of IBM Collaboration Solution Software and the dialog between users and vendors/partners of IBM.

You can register here (↑)

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  • Mar 04 / 2015

Q!kom organizes an OnTime User Meeting in Frankfurt

Lars SchorlingQ!kom is organizing an OnTime User Meeting on Wednesday, 11 March .

From 10-12 h Lars Schorling of OnTime will explain us the new group calendar version 4. After lunch, from 13-15 h, we will look at the new OnTime for Exchange and Office 365.

Wheter you attend only one session or the hole meeting, we will be happy to meet you. Please notify us at andreas.rosen@qkom.de. This event is a little thank you gift to our customers and free of charge.

Our meeting will be held in the COSMOPOLITAN conference room inside Frankfurt’s main station.

  • Jan 19 / 2015

OnTime 4 released

OnTime GC 3.11 Light ThemeOnTime Group Calendar 4

OnTime Group Calendar version 4 includes a substatial number of new features and improvements. The OnTime team has along with a few dedicated partners and beta customers been working hard throughout the test phase. As always all the input we recieve is much appriciated.

New Features in version 4:

  • Repeated meetings / appointments / all day events ◦Create, Edit & Delete
  • Room & Resource reservation only (Not associated with meetings, Single and repeated instances)
  • Legende GC 4Support for multiple Legends sets (see picture)
  • IBM Connections 5
  • Alarms
  • Show Roles & Rights

  Test here in the demo

  • Nov 17 / 2014