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Automating SharePoint Structures Made Easy

Be Streamlined

Q!365 empowers the way you organize and structure your sales and service projects in Microsoft 365. With Q!365 you automate and inherit your company guidelines.
Get inspired by the following showcase video:

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  • Jan 18 / 2021

Expert day at kühn & wehy on November 10, 2020

The expert day for the specialized topic digital (↑) at kühn & weyh. Q!kom will present at  11 o’clock a topic island for the integration of M/TEXT TONIC with Salesforce..

What’s on the list?

  • 5 presentations by kühn & weyh customers: Basler Versicherung, DAK-Gesundheit, HDI, Die Techniker und UniVersa
  • 6 partner lounges with CONET, Dydocon, Fileee/ThinkOwl, msg systems, S&N Invent and 34digitall
  • 6 theme islands about the products and solutions of the series M/ | 11 o’clock Q!kom
  • Meetingpoints with the sales managers |Meetingpoint User Group
  • News from our development department | Infos from Consulting

All this in different online formats where you can discuss, chat or just listen.

  • Nov 04 / 2020

OnTime Superhero Webinar at November, 05 at 11 Uhr

Do you want to enhance your OnTime Superhero powers? Make sure to grab one of the 20 tickets for the fun and educational OnTime Live Webinar on Thursday, November, 05 from 11-12 CET before it is too late (↑)!

This webinar is dedicated to helping you and your colleagues use OnTime to the fullest. OnTime is continuously updating the group calendar with new, powerful features, and wants you to master them all and save even more time. We will also talk about the product roadmap, and gladly hear your suggestions for future features and improvements.

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  • Nov 02 / 2020

Q!365 integrates Microsoft Teams channels into Salesforce

Your Microsoft Team’s content at your finger tips

The new release of Q!365 supports Microsoft Teams even better. As you can see here, we simply link the account object to the corresponding channel. Then we have all channel files inside the Salesforce view and can open them with one click.

With Q!365 you are always well informed without leaving Salesforce.

 Here you will find details on Q!365 and the link to Appexchange Marketplace

  • Oct 28 / 2020

Sneak Preview: OnTime Visitor Module for Microsoft

The new version of OnTime for Microsoft 4.1 will be equipped with a visitor module. You can then register your visitors directly while creating a meeting.

Finally the reception can see which visitors are registered and who the contact person in the company is. The arriving visitors are checked in to the system, a badge can be printed for them and they are checked out again at the end of their visit inside the company. OnTime recognises returning visitors by their e-mail address and automatically fills in their details. Continue Reading

  • Sep 24 / 2020

Qkoms Demo at Microsoft’s Community Call

The Microsoft Graph community call, every first Tuesday of each month, is an event for developers to stay in sync with the Microsoft Graph APIs. On the Developer Blog of the Microsoft Community Call (↑) they mention our demo of the Q!365 app, the Microsoft Graph integration in Salesforce:

“Andreas Rosen, Founder of Qkom GmbH, shared a demo of their Microsoft Graph integration with Salesforce. They were able to create an app that combines the structure in Salesforce with the knowledge in Office 365 using the Microsoft Graph API.”

Want to have a look? Here is the video of the Community Call for you (↑)

  • Sep 14 / 2020