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Integrate Microsoft Teams meetings in HCL Domino

How to integrate Microsoft Teams meetings in HCL Domino with the help on OnTime

During this intensive home office for everybody phase, a lot of Domino customers started to use Microsoft Teams for their online meetings. Shortly after, customers asked us for help as we cannot schedule Domino meetings inside Teams and we miss seeing our calendar.

Here is our solution: Q!kom created a web app for Microsoft Azure. You may use one of your 10 free web apps for this application. Continue Reading

  • Jun 08 / 2020

OnTime for Microsoft 3.9 news

You Spoke – We Listened!

We always love getting suggestions from customers, on how we can improve different aspects of OnTime Group Calendar, to make the users’ calendaring experience better. We will be introducing a number of features and functions to our most popular add-on products, OnTime Pollarity and OnTime Mobile, some of which are based on these suggestions. These will help streamline and simplify the coordination and meeting booking processes for all users. Read more about how below or in the Release Notes.  
The updates to the add-on products are not all we have added to the Group Calendar in version 3.9. It also includes a new Printing function, that will allow for different users’ calendars to be printed as a PDF from OnTime. 
As always, you are welcome to contact as if you have any questions or feedback.
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  • May 28 / 2020

How to Use Zoom Room with HCL Domino?

Zoom rooms is a nice solution from Zoom – easy to use, but officially not available for HCL Domino. We at QKom had an idea how to get it working with the help of OnTime.

The magic is done – easy to set up and all features are part of the core OnTime Licence. Good news for our OnTime Customers! Interested? Just ask us!

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  • May 25 / 2020

OnTime for Domino 7.2

You Spoke – We Listened!

We always love getting suggestions from customers, on how different aspects of OnTime Group Calendar can be improved to make the users’ calendaring experience better. This year we got a handful of suggestions at Engage 2020, which has and will have an influence on shaping the versions that follow. In relation to this, we want to thank Joerg Rafflenbeul from Heitkamp & Thumann Group who made a suggestion at Engage, to make it possible to copy a meeting, including the invitees, to a poll, which is part of this version. Continue Reading

  • Apr 22 / 2020

Skiforce – winter’s Salesforce conference cancelled

We hope to see you next year in good health! Skiforce(↑) is an international Salesforce community-led conference with Salesforce sessions, skiing and snowboarding. Skiforce provides a unique opportunity to professionally network and party with Salesforce users and partners, including developers, admins and consultants on dizzy heights.



  • Mar 04 / 2020

OnTime Catering vereint Bewirtungs- und Terminplanung

Das Bewirtungsmodul OnTime Catering ist fertig. Nun planen Sie die Bewirtung zusammen mit dem Termin. Ändert sich der Termin, ist das automatisch in der Bewirtung zu sehen.

Das Add-on wurde für die neue Version 3.8 des OnTime Gruppenkalenders für Microsoft entwickelt, zusätzlich zu den Add-Ons OnTime Mobile und der Terminumfrage OnTime Pollarity.

Auf OnTimes neuem LinkedIn-Account(↑) finden Sie stets aktuellste Informationen.

  • Mar 02 / 2020

Engage 2020 in Arnhem/NL March 3 – 4

Engage(↑) will be back in the Netherlands this year, in Arnhem, at an inspiring venue: the royal Burgers’ Zoo. This will surely spark further creativity and innovation amongst the 80+ speakers and 400+ attendees present.

OnTime will once again be sponsoring Engage. Q!kom and OnTime would love to meet you at our booth.  We are especially excited to tell you all about OnTime for Domino 11, specifically how we plan to take full advantage of the new version with new functions and improvements. A key feature is the Universal Free Time, allowing Domino and Exchange users to check each other’s calendar availability.

  • Feb 22 / 2020

Erweiterte Besprechungsplanung in OnTime für Microsoft v. 3

Im letzten Jahr ist die Nutzeranzahl von OnTime für Microsoft stark gestiegen. Daher wurde in der neuen Version 3.7 von OnTime für Microsoft der Schwerpunkt auf Verbesserungen gelegt. Der gesamte Besprechungsplanungsprozess, das Erstellen und Verwalten von Besprechungseinladungen ist jetzt noch einfacher und wurde durch die Einführung von Wiederholterminen komplettiert. Continue Reading

  • Jan 20 / 2020

Pollarity – Your wish is our demand

Our partners at OnTime are excited to see a constant increase in the userbase of Pollarity, the solution to Poll for an available time slot to meet. With more users comes more input and feedback, something that they are absolutely thrilled about. For this version, they have decided to focus on the most popular requests which will simplify and streamline your everyday meeting planning. 
Read more about the improvements below, or watch the video, to see them in action.

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  • Dec 02 / 2019