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Vorstellung von Domino V10

Mit Spannung erwarten wir die Weltpremiere von Domino 10 und die Neuerungen in IBM Notes. Die angekündigte Version 10 der Groupware-Plattform IBM Notes/Domino erscheint nun schon zu Beginn des vierten Quartals. Am 9. Oktober wird Domino 10 offiziell in Frankfurt vorgestellt.


Die DNUG – Deutsche Notes User Group lädt am
8. Oktober um 19 Uhr zur Domino V10 Prelaunch Party (↑) ein.
Q!kom ist als Sponsor mit dabei.

Infos & Anmeldung

Domino V10 Bleed Yellow Party
08.10.2018 von 19 bis 23 Uhr
im Mantis Roofgarden / Frankfurt am Main

  • Sep 17 / 2018

Lunch & Learn Einstein Analytics im Salesforce Büro Düsseldorf

Erleben Sie, wie Sie mit Einstein Analytics Ihre Salesforce-Umgebung erfolgreich erweitern können. Welchen Zusatznutzen erhalten wir, wenn der Vertrieb z.B. alle kleinteiligen Aufträge als Summe und Verlauf sehen kann? Wie können wir mit dem Salesforce Workflows auf Basis dieser Daten reagieren?

  • Möchten Sie dabei sein? Sprechen Sie uns an!
  • Am Montag, 27. August von 12:30 – 14:00  Uhr
  • Design Offices am Kaiserteich (↑), Elisabethstr. 11, 40217 Düsseldorf
  • Vortragender: Nils Rosen, Q!kom, Ansprechpartner vor Ort: Stefan Seidel, Salesforce
  • Aug 08 / 2018

Our ideas for the Dreamforce

We are looking forward to Dreamforce and our session:

  • Let Einstein Analytics drive your Workflow

We had submitted the following session themes. If you are especially interested in one of our themes, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Using Streaming API with .Net in a real world matter
  • Security Review is your friend, not a threat to your App
  • Power up your Salesforce Opportunities by using Microsoft Teams
  • Power up your Salesforce Opportunities by using IBM Watson Workspace
    (this session will be held at Social Connections 14 (↑) in Berlin on Oktober17, 2018
  • Best Practice: How to teach the import wizard

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  • Jul 30 / 2018

OnTime Hero: Session at the DNUG Darmstadt on June 20

Come and listen to Andreas Rosen and Lars Schorling at DNUG  
on Wednesday 20.06. at 15.45 h in room 2.05 Palladium

Besides presenting you the new features we will focus on what customers, partners and colleagues have achieved integrating with OnTime. Again and again we are surprised in how may different ways you can use the calendaring software. All the data hidden in the calendar represent your companies gold and OnTime is the tool to seize this treasure.

Should you have wild ideas of your own, then this is the session to discuss it. And with some luck, your idea could win. We are looking forward to meeting you!



  • Jun 18 / 2018

OnTime for Office 365 Teams

Coming soon!

Office 365 strengthens collaboration through teams. So it seemed obvious to give team members a quick overview of their collaborator’s appointments. That is why we integrated OnTime Group calendar directly into teams, available soon in Version 2.8



  • May 30 / 2018

Q!Connections in Salesforce AppStore

Find our approved application in the Salesforce.com Store (AppExchange).
With Q!connections, our salesforce connector for IMB Connections, you stay in Salesforce and still use your files stored in IBM Connections. Have your pinned files list always at hand in Salesforce as a link list. See your IBM Connections update together with your Salesforce update. Push updates from Salesforce to your Network in Connections, e.g. New Deals, New Projects etc.


  • May 23 / 2018

European Collaboration Summit Mainz, May 28 to 30

In late May, we attended the European Collaboration Summit in Mainz, Germany. OnTime was sponsoring the summit, but most importantly we had a lot of interesting chats at the OnTime booth about our products, your requests and feedback. We were glad to show how OnTime Group Calendar can be useful to you. Among many features, we love the brand new OnTime Pollarity add-on that enables users to create polls for the best possible meeting slot. We were happy to give a preview of the new OnTime for Teams.

  • Apr 09 / 2018

Engage in Rotterdam May 22-23

Engage, the Benelux Notes user group’s conference, took place in  Rotterdam/NL. In this innovative and young town, Engage was held “on the water”:  the SS Rotterdam is the former flagship of the Holland America Line.

OnTime was again present as sponsor and at its booth. We presented all the latest updates on OnTime Group Calendar for IBM. Since last year, we have added many new features and improvements that can help you in optimising the time spent on finding and coordinating with people within and outside your organisation. We were also pleased to present the upcoming Catering Module, which will simplify the fulfilment of catering orders into one smooth workflow.

  • Apr 09 / 2018