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OnTime Add-ons Christmas offer

Almost half of the licensed OnTime users are currently reaping the benefits of OnTime Web Mobile. The new OnTime Pollarity add-on is in use by a growing number of organisations. To celebrate a very successful year for OnTime we are offering our customers two unique deals.

  1. OnTime customers who are not already licensed for OnTime Web Mobile and Pollarity or Connections can buy two OnTime Add-Ons for the price of one.
  2. OnTime customers who need only one add-on will be granted  the first two years of maintenance included at no cost.

Both offers are valid for orders placed no later than December 31st, 2017.

  • Nov 27 / 2017

Salesforce User-Group in Frankfurt am 30. November

Daniel Stange von der User Group und Andreas Rosen von der Q!kom berichteten von der Dreamforce. Die Q!kom stellte: “Simplify Data-Driven processes using the Einstein Analytics Apex SDK” vor:
Wäre es nicht hervorragend, wenn man die Daten und Erkenntnisse  aus Einstein Analytics überall in Salesforce verwenden könnte? Die gute Nachricht ist: Natürlich geht das, denn es gibt das Einstein Analytics Apex SDK. Q!kom präsentierte Beispiele aus der Praxis und zeigte, dass Einstein Analytics mehr zu bieten hat als nur ein schickes UI. Hier kommen Sie direkt zu der Veranstaltung auf der Salesforce-Seite (↑) .

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  • Nov 20 / 2017

DNUG Domino Day by the German Notes User Group

On  November 23, the German Notes User Group met at IBM Düsseldorf for its annual conference. Andreas Rosen von der Q!kom was present with SecurTrac™ (↑). SecurTrac is a non-disruptive and non-intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all user activities and other objects within IBM Lotus Notes and Domino.

Here (↑) you find the agenda.

  • Nov 20 / 2017

Dreamforce from 6-9 November 2017 in San Francisco

Q!kom will be present again:

Q!Connections links Salesforce to IBM Connections:
Search for IBM connections content and link them directly inside Salesforce. All relevant data will be always at hand, in the right place for the whole team. More details (↑)

OnTime for Salesforce IBM Domino: Perfect integration of calendar, contacts and mail. Everything is always synchronized and automatically linked to the right contacts More details (↑)

Nils Rosen and Dominic Ley will speak about how to ”Simplify Data-Driven Processes using the Einstein Analytics Apex SDK”, on Wednesday, November 8, 8:00 AM – 8:40 AM at Moscone West, 2020

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  • Sep 25 / 2017

OnTime group calendar for IBM version 5.2 released!

Meeting polls with OnTime Pollarity help if it is getting tight

Sometimes you just cannot make it to find a suitable date for all. When will externals be able to attend? Who could possibly reschedule his appointment to make it to your invitation? We know this functionality from Doodle. Unfortunately Doodle is an external system and does not help us to make suitable suggestions. This is why OnTime was expanded with this new add-on to include this function. Continue Reading

  • Jun 21 / 2017

OnTime für Microsoft Version 2.5 ist da!

Limit access to Groups

On request from several of our customers, we have decided to implement support for being able to limit who have access to specific Static and Dynamic Groups.

MyPersonal: Less is more

Set the kind of calendar entries that can only been seen by its owner, for example all entries marked as “free”. So only the relevant entries for time scheduling may be seen by the colleagues.

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  • Jun 19 / 2017

ISBG Spring seminar in Oslo, Norway, from June, 7 to 8, 2017

Andreas Rosen explained in his workshop how to: Make Salesforce more effective with integrated IBM collaboration by QKOM

Customer support and complex sales opportunities often require collaboration across many departments and ways to identify the most important information used to close deals. Salesforce Chatter is commonly used in sales teams, but has limited features and is cost prohibitive to provision for the entire organization. To effectively close cases and close deals, Salesforce users need a better and easy way to collaborate with the entire organization and share what worked in other deals. In this session, learn how you can bring superior IBM enterprise collaboration right into the Salesforce “Lightening” user experience. QKOM will demonstrate their two-way cloud technology that brings various IBM collaboration features into the Salesforce UI, based on ready-to-use apps for IBM Connections and IBM Domino (powered by OnTime Group calendar).

Here you will find the agenda.

  • May 31 / 2017

Salesforce World Tour in London on 18th May 2017

Nils Rosen will speak on Thursday, Mai 18, at the Salesforce Developer Theatre on: What steps will we need in order to modernise the classic Salesforce UI and to use it as Lightning component?

After having been invited to a speach on Wave at CeBiT, we are happy to have the opportunity to hold a speach on Lightning at another – sold out – Salesforce event. Should you be interested, we will be provide you with personal advice. A slide show will be available soon.

  • May 15 / 2017