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The Quick and Easy way to Use Microsoft 365 in Salesforce

Bring your DMS and CRM together. Leverage the right content in the right space. Map the knowledge of your power users onto your business cases.







Pin important places

Bookmark whole Sites, folders or Document Libraries to a record. Dedicated tabs show you the whole content while supporting you to stay in context where it’s most important to your users.







Find the Expert

Link your specialist’s profiles to key objects to make sure you have the right people in the right loop.  Having the key documents in place where they’re needed is great, but having the key people is essential for success.







Link it once

Make use of the inheritance feature to link important content on standard “objects” only once. Bring it back into focus whenever it’s needed. Perfect for new employees to not get lost in a new world of products, services and experts.







Feed your DMS without leaving Salesforce

We support limitless multi-file uploads to your Microsoft 365 resources. Store new versions of your files in one single click, or delete mistakenly uploaded files.







You’re invited to participate

Share Microsoft documents and folders with your partners and clients directly from within Salesforce. Collaborate on your single point of trust – everyone works on the latest version.







Stay focused, stay productive

Easy access to your Teams Channel’s files tab. Bring the power of Teams directly into Salesforce. Push Chatter updates into your Channel conversation. Embrace the new Salesforce Teams Integration in one click from within Salesforce







Get together in Teams

Make use of the ad hoc Teams Meeting capabilities, natively from inside Salesforce. Add meeting information to Salesforce Events, notify via email or jump right into the call. Supported on every standard- and custom object.







Build it your way

Automate creating Folders, Channels, etc. tailored to your company’s requirements. Boost efficiency with standard structures for standard tasks.  All developer toolkits available out-of-the-box at no additional costs.

Community Edition






Pure. Delegated. Protected.

No need to think about additional GDPR compliances. No additional software or middleware required. Everything is native Salesforce technology talking securely to your Microsoft 365. From Identity to UX.