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Salesforce Connector for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Office 365

Stay focused in Salesforce and work directly with your data in Teams, SharePoint Sites and Document Libraries. With only one click to work with latest versions of your files. Works with all Salesforce Editions, including Mobile.

What‘s next – ready for test?
Here is the link to Salesforce’s Appexchange marketplace (↑)

Have a look at the video for details:

  • Stay Focused: Search your Microsoft ecosystem in an easy, intuitive way and relate relevant contents to any Salesforce records in just one click. Each link shows the “Why & What” to further support Teamwork.
  • Connect MS Teams: Start Teams Meetings in Salesforce. Send automated notifications into your Team Channels or take advantage of the ready-to-use Chatter integration.
  • Get Organized: Use our utilities in Salesforce Triggers, Flows and your own custom components to create new Teams, Channels, Sites, Folder and more …
  • Coming soon: Work directly with Teams files and folders. See the latest Channel messages.

The Vision Behind: Q!365

Microsoft Office 365 is a flexible teamwork platform and Salesforce is great when it comes to structures and automation.

Why not get the best of both worlds?

Use the power of Salesforce to structure Microsoft 365 and expand on what Salesforce does best. Our users shouldn’t feel the need to work with two cloud systems but instead stay focused where they are most productive and get the job done.

We take care of sharing the results

Configure Inheritance for standard day-to-day tasks like adding a documentation to your Opportunity, based on the selected products. So the Product Manager can do the tagging work and your Sales team always has the right links to updated information right at its fingertips.

With Q!365 we’re providing intuitive Lightning components for your users to work with Microsoft 365 data. Your Salesforce Developers get the power of a full-featured Graph API. We often use our knowledge to simplify the actions in our utility classes to be just one line of code.

Our team is based around evangelists for Salesforce development and the Microsoft GraphAPI.