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Installation guide for Q!Dialfire in English: Q!Dialfire – En – Installation guide

What is Q! Dialfire about?

Q! Dialfire is a Salesforce connector to Dialfire (www.dialfire.com), a performant predictive dialer, that lets you efficiently run outbound campaigns. With Q! Dialfire you can synchronize your Salesforce campaigns right into Dialfire by simply clicking the “synchronize” button in Salesforce. With this feature, it is easy to efficiently run outbound campaigns. With a few clicks, you can even outsource it safely to external call centers.

How to set it up?

  1. Install “Q! Dialfire” (instructions see pdf)
  2. Create a Dialfire account at https://www.dialfire.com/info/signup if you do not already have one.
  3. Synchronising and setting up the outbound campaign (instructions below)

The created results will be pushed back into Salesforce in real time and your sales team can react quickly and efficiently. There is no need to wait until the call center finishes the campaign.

When choosing Q! Dialfire, you decide how you want the results to be pushed back to Salesforce, maybe as a phone note in the called contact? or as a “To-Do”? By default, the Dialfire call outcome is stored as a “telephone notice” within Salesforce. We are happy to configure it with you, contact us at info@qkom.de to discuss.

Billing is per minute of calling, there is no setup cost, no fixed monthly fee or minimum usage. The initial installation takes about half an hour.