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Integrations that we have realised

Synchronisation of a Domino CRM with the Salesforce CRM, changes on both sides are supported.

Synchronisation of Domino Workflows into the Salesforce CRM, customer specific objects are shown in Salesforce, the user gets with a link into the Domino system for editing.

Synchronisation of data from a ticket system, customer specific objects will be shown in Salesforce, the user gets with a link into the Domino system for editing.

Integration of master data from billing and ERP systmes, here the master data for the material as well as the commercial clearing line items are provided in Saleforce.

Applications that we have realised

Standard processes: Migration of a Domino application that supported the customer offers, orders and billing. The processes referred to the production, materials logistic and service. After a phase of coexistence, all processes are now completely realized in Salesforced. This application has been prepared for the plattform Salesforce1. So all data can be accessed from mobile devices/phones..

Ad hoc processes: We currently extended this application by the module ”customer incidents”. In the same, structured manner all unplanned customer incidents will be dealt with, e.g. complaints, small orders, problems, special services. This application is especially suited for the integration of the mail correspondence (e.g. help desk, transfer to second level).

Vision: the aim is to hold together all relevant data and to make them available at any time for sales, support and management.

Integration in preparation

External customer files: a System that provides upload and download rights based on Salesforce but completely hosted in Germans.

External mailing engine: Integration of the Salesforce campaigns with a state of the art HTML5/SVG template editor and with a system for the creation of mailing campaigns.

External group calendar: OnTime Group Calendar can be integrated seamlessly in the Salesforce CRm user interface – not matter if web or mobile. The user is recognized in Salesforce and provided with the appropriate rights.

External social platform: The IBM Connections Activities will be linked to the Salesforce CRM opportunities. So the troubleshooting will take place in Connections and can be tracked in Salesforce.

This integration has earned us a session at Dreamforce in San Francisco!