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Our integration App organizes all customer activities that occur outside the general product sales processes such as order, delivery or billing. All these are perfectly handled by Salesforce opportunities. But, when talking to our customers we have seen a lot of post sales activities. Often requests relating to existing orders have to been answered, e.g. changes in service projects or material orders that make new estimates necessary. There are many of these side processes, often organized in Excel sheets. All of them have one thing in common: they should be handled properly according to rules, from new cost estimate and offer to process and billing.

Customer contacts as complaints and extra wishes have to be coordinated with all related departments. This has to be managed in time. That is why we created the possibility to convert e-mails into processes, to send e-mails out of processes, track requests made to other hotline systems, collect feedback from subdivisions. All this parallel as it is vital that the customer requests be fixed in short time. The shorter the time to solve problems, the better for the customer.

At the end of activities caused by a complaint we will find the need to change existing processes from quoting to offering  and order and finally we will have to define how to do the billing.

We based our application on the force.com so that all departments not into sales can get a reasonable prices opportunity to login.